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I love reading. I have a nook, but it’s the same price to purchase books there as it is in person. So Friday I took my sick wee one to check out some books for Momma. We found 3, I finished 600+ pages being sick & taking care of my sweet girl in 2 days! I couldn’t put it down. It felt very good to have a book back in my hands! The service was lovely & friendly & it’s so nice to have a place we don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to enjoy! We will definitely be repeat customers!

Kelly Renee Radel

My FAVORITE happy place. I love spending time here, and I always feel welcome.

Bonnie June Shivley

Very nice store, friendly employees, so much fun!

Rikki Harris

New books are rotated into the stock regularly. Recent reorganization of the store looks great. If you like piles of books, searching for treasures, and people named Bob – this is the shop for you. Every time I am in Joplin I pick up a stack of delightfully used paperbacks.

Adam Pugh

Wonderful used book store! Great selection of books! I especially liked their Children’s section. Lots of PB, MG and YA as well as nonfiction.

Megan Walvoord

This is the first place I go when I’m looking for books!

Hannah Grace

This is my favorite bookstore in southwest Missouri! The pricing and atmosphere are both great and I visit routinely to see what’s new 🖤 the owners are helpful and friendly too!

Jamie Hammond
Joplin, MO

FAVORITE BOOKSTORE IN TOWN!!!! They have an excellent collection and their books are in great shape!!! They even go out of their way to help you find things. Also, they have the lowest and the fairest prices in town. No one else can compare!

Hillory Grant

Great place to find whatever you love to read and Bob supplies the fun!

Cindy Ritter-Bettes
Joplin, Missouri

The selection of books is great. The staff are friendly and helpful. I love to browse the shelves, read a bit before I buy, and Always Buying Books is perfect for that.

S.V. Farnsworth
Granby, MO