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January Teacher of the Month

Teacher Of Month Jessica Fletcher-Fierro

Our Teacher of the Month for January is Jessica Fletcher-Fierro, Reading / Communication Arts teacher at North Middle School.

ALWAYS BUYING BOOKS is donating $50 for books for her classroom, and anyone can donate $5 or more (either in person or call with your credit card).

If Ms. Fletcher-Fierro taught your children or grandchildren, here’s a way to say “Thanks Teacher!”

She will be shopping for her books January 22nd.

Just In!

We now have books on SELF-RELIANCE!

All new and ready for purchase.

Books Behind Bars

For the last 5 years, Always Buying Books has donated books to city and county jails, as well as state and federal prisons.

These books come at no cost to the inmates.

We have also helped another bookstore in Illinois begin a very similar program in their state.

2021 Books For Vernon County Jail

The Book Buffet

The BOOK BUFFET outside on the sidewalk is full of great books, table after table, all available for a cash donation that goes towards local nonprofit organizations. These books are either over flows from the store or books we bought in bulk.

Books are sectioned off with the RED RACKS. Paperback fiction, children’s books, hardback fiction, non-fiction, crafts, cookbooks, biographies, and Christian Books.

These books are weeded daily, and we add more every day as well!

Facebook Giveaways

Our Facebook Weekly Giveaways have been a HUGE success.

Watch for more Facebook giveaways by going to our Facebook page!