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Check out our puzzle inventory, the largest selection of puzzles in the Midwest… priced to sell. We will also buy/trade puzzles.

Tees & Book Bags for sale

Always Buying Books has a new line of t-shirts and book bags for sale!

Tees – $10 each
Totes – $8 each

A Note To Parents from Bob

Schools delay in opening… or are you thinking about holding your children out of classrooms for awhile… or planning on teaching them yourself… or buying material to keep them up… or help advance them further?

ABBOOKS has the largest range of books for all ages from board books (I call them chew books), chapter books, young adults, educational (homeschooling) to classic.

Stop by and talk with Alyse. She had her children in homeschooling ,public schools and private.

You have some very tough decisions to make in the next few weeks.

Foster Kids

Our Foster Kids bags of books had GREAT RESULTS. We were caught off guard by the response, the hard work and how time consuming it was.

We ended up giving away 700 books this weekend to local Foster Children.

Alyse, as always, did a great job. Bob comes up with the ideas and she put the woman power behind them.

Local Honey For Sale

Local fresh honey available for sale. Tasting available for the entire month of September.

The Book Buffet

Last week we took in over 2,000 books, including 100s of CHILDREN’S BOOKS and YOUNG ADULTS. We had to call in a volunteer to help with the shelving!

Bought some very good CHRISTIAN COMMENTARIES SETS and individual copies mostly older commentators.

The BOOK BUFFET outside on the sidewalk is full of great books, table after table, all available for a cash donation that goes towards local nonprofit organizations. These books are either over flows from the store or books we bought in bulk.

Books are sectioned off with the RED RACKS. Paperback fiction, children’s books, hardback fiction, non-fiction, crafts, cookbooks, biographies, and Christian Books.

These books are weeded daily, and we add more every day as well!

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