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If you are a book lover, you have to check this place out. I can’t stress this enough as this is the neatest bookstore I have ever been to. The prices are very reasonable and the guy I spoke with at the counter is knows his stuff! The other interesting thing here are, world GLOBES! On several of the bookcases you will find world globes. I remember seeing these all the time I was a child.

HUE’s Reviews

Always Buying Books has a great selection for every reader!

Melissa Jones
Webb City, Missouri

Wonderful used book store! Great selection of books! I especially liked their Children’s section. Lots of PB, MG and YA as well as nonfiction.

Megan Walvoord

Bob sells books and I buy books. It’s important and enjoyable for me to have my own personal reference library. Bob has one, if not the largest collection of used, hard to find, or out of print history books in the region. Stop buy and take a look, you could find something that you’ve been looking for…for a long time!

Stephen Weldon
Joplin, Missouri

Fantastic store! My kids love going here. This is a warm, friendly environment and I’m glad we have this store to go to. Hats off to Bob!

Robert Fanoele

I feel at home here; Awesome place to obtain practically any book you could want! The books out side in the front are way discounted and easy on the pocketbook! Love this place!

Eileen Hines

Best bookstore around! I will continue to shop here.

Holly Henson

I love Bob’s. He’s amazing. I could spend hours in there. Unfortunately today the princess was too tired!! But she got done pretty great books as well!! He always has bargains. You can’t go wrong!! Thank you for being so awesome!!!

Katy Ellen

Just found this bookstore today. it makes my soul very happy.

Meagan Billings

This is the best used book store! A wide variety. You can find just what you are looking for here.. The Christian section is huge! Bob has always been so helpful and pleasant!
The prices are great, and there is always a sale of some kind going on. It is a fun place. I LOVE Always Buying Books!!

Pam Pruitt