Latest News

Gift Certificate Special

For every $25 gift certificate, Always Buying Books will add an extra $5!

(For those of you in the “back of the room”, that means you’re getting $30 for price of $25)

Lafayette House Donation

Always Buying Books was able to give $125 to Lafayette House for diapers, with a matching donation, from the outside book donation tables this month! Thank you all for giving!

Christian Section Has Doubled!

The Christian Books section has DOUBLED in size.

Additionally, we are currently in negotiations to buy out an entire Christian Book Store!

Facebook Giveaways

Having a HUGE success with our Facebook giveaway promotion. The theme is BOOKS made into MOVIES!

HUGE Success

Our 17th Anniversary sale was a big success. Thank you Joplin for coming out and helping us celebrate!

Special Children’s Section

We’ve opened up a special children’s section… come check it out!