Always Buying Books is a used bookstore in Joplin MO, where you can buy books and sell books, and even trade books. We have an inventory of over 70,000 used books. We carry paperback books, hardcover books, as well as reference media, college books, romance novels, westerns, fiction and non-fiction, christian fiction, and self-help books. This is a used book store where you can buy cheap books in Joplin MO.

We have been in business since 2000, offering Joplin MO a great used bookstore to buy and sell their paperback and hardback books. If you expect to only find Westerns and romance paperback books in this used bookstore, think again. This cheap used book store in Joplin MO offers so much more than that! We sell used books in Joplin, and we buy used books in Joplin, and our shelves are always full of the latest releases as well as older used books and classics.

If you are looking for cheap used books in Joplin, MO, look no further than Always Buying Books, where we always have just the right used book for you! Come in to the store, browse our shelves, and see what kind of deals you can find on cheap used books. There is no better used bookstore in Joplin than our store. We are open 9-6 Monday through Friday, and 9-5 on Saturday. Browse our shelves for the best deals on cheap used books in Joplin!

Joplin’s Only Full Line Used Book Store

Most used book stores carry only paperback books from the romance and western genres. That is not the kind of bookstore you find here!

At Always Buying Books, we make all types of books available to our customers. We carry paperbacks and hardbacks … fiction and non-fiction … old and new … popular and obscure.

In fact, our current in-store inventory includes over 80,000 books … give or take 3 or 4!

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We Buy, Sell & Trade Books

If you have books you want to sell or trade, bring them into the store. If you are interested in adding to your collection, explore thousands of titles in every genre of fiction, as well as non-fiction and resource materials. We buy, sell and trade any types of books, from classics to contemporary.

Book Signings

Always Buying Books is known in the Joplin area as “The Place” for book signings by popular authors. We host many local, regional and national authors, so keep your eye on our site for announcements of upcoming events!

We Need To Buy Your Books!

We sold so many books during our last sale that our storage buildings are empty!! Not really, we have a ton of books… but we want MORE! Bring in your unwanted books and we will find them a new home.

Book Signing: Larry Wood

April 29th
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Award winning local historian, Larry Wood, will be signing his newest release, Yanked Into Eternity, as well as all his other books.

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“Books fell and hit me in the head. I have no one to blame but my shelf.”

“Books fell and hit me in the head. I have no one to blame but my shelf.”