Books Wanted!

We Buy Books

Always Buying Books buys more books in a day than any other bookstore in the area sells in a month. There is no amount too small or too large for us to buy.

We buy textbooks, fiction, nonfiction, hardback, paperback, personal libraries and bookstores. We also buy DVDs and audiobooks on CD.

We don’t necessarily buy everything, but we want to see everything you have!

What We Pay For Used Books

We buy books we feel we can resell, offering approximately 25% (in cash) of the price we expect to realize for the books, or store credit. This price is based upon desirability, market value, in-print price, condition and our current stock levels.

Now Buying Textbooks!!!

Bring in your used and unwanted textbooks, and we’ll take them off your hands for you! Help pay for this semester’s books by selling last semester’s books!

What Our Customers Say…

EXEMPLARY, INCULPABLE. Mucho Gusto, Mr. Bob Wolfe. ( By the way, sentence is exactly 50 characters, HAHA )

Steven Maddox
Carl Junction, Missouri

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